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CSOS Now Available

CSOS Available

Schedule II-Controlled Substance Ordering

Schedule II-Controlled Substances may either be ordered on a DEA 222 form, which must be filled out correctly and received by SCA before product can be shipped, or through our CSOS Express 222 ordering system.

DEA 222 Sample

Or our clients may order these products electronically through our CSOS Express 222 ordering system.

CSOS Electronic Ordering

Benefits of CSOS?

  • Faster Transactions - CSOS eliminates the need of mailing or overnighting paper 222 forms.
  • Order Accuracy - Orders may be built, reviewed, and submitted by the purchaser.
  • Increased Efficiency - By reducing time and effort on all parties, CSOS electronic orders have been documented to be 10x less expensive than the cost of traditional paper 222 orders.
  • Ordering Freedom - Orders may be placed with ease and frequency to ensure products arrive when needed, which in turn can reduce inventory supply costs.

Getting Started

  • To order via any CSOS program, you must be registered with the DEA as a CSOS purchaser.
  • If you are already registered with the DEA to order through CSOS, you may begin ordering with SCA today. Call our Customer Service Department to get started. 877-550-5059
  • If you are have not registered with the DEA to access CSOS, please go to the DEA E-Commerce Program Enrollment Page and click "enroll in CSOS". Once the proper application has been submitted to the DEA, it typically takes 4-6 weeks to get approval.
  • Upon receiving your DEA Purchaser Certificates, call us to get started placing CII orders electronically with SCA using CSOS.


For more information regarding CSOS, please contact our company at 877-550-5059.